Sabine Andraud
Associate Broker
Cell Phone: 505-690-4857
French & Spanish Speaking


-This purchase was the 3rd transaction that Sabine has handled for us since 2018. We now own a furnished rental prop (initially our vacation home), a primary residence and a rental condo property in Santa Fe, all thanks for Sabine's efforts. In the case of each purchase, we found Sabine to be extremely knowledgeable, committed, attentive and willing to go the 'extra mile' for us. Sabine was relentless in her pursuit of the best deal for us, and in each case we were delighted with the outcome. We give Sabine our highest recommendations!
Blum (Buyers)

-Sabine was excellent with attention to detail, making suggestions on how to make my home more saleable & negotiating price/terms.
Silverman (Seller)

-Best Agent ever!! Always makes every aspect of the sale super easy. We have used Sabine for other transactions.
Camp/Lazovik (Sellers)

-Being a first-time seller, I felt very fortunate to have Sabine as my realtor. Sabine was always very professional and at the same time was able to answer any questions and/or concerns in a way that I could understand. Her personality and enthusiasm not only made the selling of my home an enjoyable & memorable experience but at the same time did not take away from her dedication, reliability and hard work that she gave to make me a happy and satisfied customer. Thank you, Sabine, for all your hard work & for all you did to successfully sell my home so quickly.
Hernandez (Seller)

-Exceptional service and we really appreciate her showing us houses in Corales and Rio Rancho. We know it is a long drive. Transaction went very smoothly.
Camp/Lazovik (Buyers)

-As a remote owner of a long-term rental property, I was starting to discuss the sale of the property to the tenant. I had connected with Sabine after I requested some assistance with getting a home valuation through an on-line service. After explaining to her that I was thinking about a private sale of the property and seeking a valuation, Sabine generously offered to assist. She did this despite knowing that the sale of property would proceed via a private sale, thus offering no opportunity for a commission. When I offered to compensate her for her time, she declined, stating that this was a part of the service she would normally offer. I was amazed at her integrity and generosity. We've had a very open and warm relationship since. I would use her in a heartbeat as I consider a real estate transaction in Santa Fe in the future, and recommend her to anyone who wants to have a trusted agent and partner in real estate.
Ponce (Seller)

-We listed our home in 2010 with Sabine. It did not sell because of the housing market. However, we were pleased with Sabine's efforts. She continued to provide regular updates regarding the Santa Fe housing market to us. When we decided to sell our home in 2020, we wanted Sabine to work with us again.
Harder (Sellers)

-Sabine is fantastic. Very quick to respond! Great communication. Very helpful suggestions on preparations to put the house for sale. I will definitely call on Sabine again!
Toczek (Seller)

-My son (who we bought the house for) was recommended by reputation, Sabine and she was excellent throughout our search and purchase. Living in Houston, we had some reservation with long distance search, negotiating and purchase. Sabine made the process very painless while ensuring that we had the best price and contract. Sabine's constant attention all the way till funding was greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend Sabine to anyone looking in the Santa Fe area. Her knowledge of the market helped tremendously during the entire process.
Lane (Buyer)

-Sabine was wonderful. I can admit we were probably some of her needier clients, but she was professional and responsive and always willing to explain each and every step. Definitely would recommend this company and agent to anyone who wants a smooth sale or purchase.
Ortega (Seller)+

-We were referred to Sabine through our online inquiry about a property. From day one, we all clicked, and the transaction was just great. Sabine is tireless in her quest to make the deal, keep the deal, and complete the deal. We couldn't be more thankful for her diligence and never-ending offer to help in any way. A complete professional. I am sure you are grateful to have her on your team.
Garcia (Buyer)

-Sabine is exceptionally hard-working and conveyed a keen interest in, and commitment to helping me find my home. In particular I appreciated how well she managed the multitude of details that are part of any real estate transaction and the quality and timeliness of her communication. I so appreciate the care that I received from Sabine.
Lynn H. (Buyer)

-Sabine is knowledgeable, smart, know local market & is up front in telling you what you may not want to know in a professional yet caring manner. She is a tremendous asset for Coldwell Banker & we would utilize and recommend her services to other in future endeavors.
Anne & Max G. (Seller)

-Sabine was great! Helped us every step of the way. Her reminders were super helpful. Would certainly recommend her to other buyers/seller.
Nicole and Ben (Buyers).

-Sabine was excellent, followed up and has attention to detail. Very satisfied.
Dawn and Jimmie (Sellers)

-Sabine is the most professional, knowledgeable and friendly agent I have ever met. I've bought and sold 12 homes so I know a few agents. I have & will recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Sabine is a special person. Her frankness & honesty are an unusual combination. She never told me just what I wanted to hear. We worked as a team listening to each other.
Ron and Barb (Sellers)

-Thank you for all of your efforts in the sale of my condo. You went above and beyond my expectations. You are the ultimate real estate agent. Few can equal you. Wishing you continued success for 2020.
Glouberman (seller)

-From our first meeting, we knew that we were in capable hands. We began visiting some homes which she continued to work with us on exactly what might be the right fit. It seemed like building a home might be the best fit. We were a bit hesitant because of the long distance and time factors. She felt that we would really like Rancho Viejo and she was absolutely right! We arrive on a Saturday and on Tuesday morning we were signing a contract. Sabine was consistently on top of all of the decisions to be made. Sabine continued to be sure that we were informed and had all the documents needed. Sabine combines professional business acumen with warm, thoughtful, personal touch. She listens attentively and never dismisses a comment or question. We always felt secure with her handling the many aspects of the home building and buying. We would recommend her without hesitation.
Vaught (buyers)

-Sabine was an excellent realtor for us in every way. She worked tirelessly to us appropriate properties. She was savvy about what sorts of inspections would be warranted and in assessing what would be a good price to offer. She has strong negotiating skills, a sense of strategy, and excellent communication skills. Personality matters too, and Sabine was fun to work with. She also helped make it easy to deal with documents. Sabine gave us good guidance when we wanted it and left choices and decisions up to us when appropriate. We couldn't be more pleased.
Peterson (buyers)

-Buying/Selling a home is by far by its nature a stressful adventure. Sabine is a great problem solver! As obstacles presented themselves, she was ready with a remedy. I know I did not have to worry with Sabine on my team. Sabine was always responsive to my calls, texts and emails. I felt she really cared about me and my search for a new home that we started together more than 2 years ago. Sabine found me the home I wanted in the area I wanted. I couldn't be happier!
Cordova (Buyer)

-Second time I've used Sabine as my realtor. She was consistent with communication, feedback and appointments. She listened to my concerns and always offered feedback. She is a gem to work with.
Marisa Ortiz (Buyer)

-Sabine went way above and beyond the call of duty. As I live in New York, she handled things that I ordinarily would do. I can't tell you how fortunate you are to have a salesperson like Sabine. She was beyond excellent. Thank you for your devotion, perseverance, attention to detail and your selling skills.
Shira Glouberman (Seller)

-We were completely satisfied with the services provided by Sabine. Sabine was very helpful in orienting and showing us properties and with valuable know-how with electronic transactions. She was highly responsive.
Virginia Weimer/Lance Hodes (Buyers)

-Sabine was excellent!!
Thomas Simek (Seller)

-Sabine was the most amazing broker I have worked with. She went above and beyond to me with everything; from finding a property to getting it done easily and smoothly. I can not praise her enough and I will only recommend Sabine to anybody who wants a knowledgeable realtor in the Santa Fe area. She is simply the BEST.
Maxi Lohrengel-West (Buyer)

-Sabine was very professional in her interactions. She showed us wide variety of homes. It was tedious but she was great at helping us hone in on the perfect home. She provided terrific advice during the closing process and advocated for us on many items. We felt she worked hard on our behalf to make sure the transaction was completed. We will not hesitate to recommend Sabine to other in the future. Her knowledge, expertise and wonder demeanor made this a great experience for us.
Laurie & Tony Monfiletto (Buyer)

-We were highly satisfied with Sabine.
Sally Tavassoli (Seller)

-We can highly recommend Sabine. Her attention to detail made this purchase move smoothly through the somewhat stressful process. All details were worked out prior to the final closing. Sabine ensured that the selling agent met all obligations as well.
Bruce & Rose Howard (Buyers)

-You truly have been wonderful. You certainly were the bulldog. A true professional every step of the way and consistently warm and sincere. I truly am your # 1 fan.
Cindy Cordova (Buyer)

-Sabine is the best! She made the whole experience so easy. I was told buying a house was one of the hardest things and puts a strain on a relationship. I can honestly say that it didn't happen. Everything was explained before and during on what to expect. There were no surprises anywhere. If we had any questions at anytime, she was available and always responded promptly. Her knowledge of the market and real estate terms is outstanding. Most of what we were told was gibberish until she explained it. She will be my forever realtor
Esteban and Tamara Gonzales (Buyers)

-My wife & I have been buying & selling real estate for 40 years. In that time, we have had to work with several realtors. Without reservation I can testify to the fact that the 'Bulldog' as the song goes, is "Simply the best. Better than all the rest." We worked with Sabine on 2 transactions and she took a strong leadership role in both. Not incidentally, she just happens to be a great human being as well.
Haight (Sellers)

-Sabine Andraud is the best realtor I have ever worked with. I sold an upside down property as an investor. I lost a lot of money and could have lost more were it not for Sabine.
Barry Hegrenes (Seller)

-Sabine did an outstanding job representing us a buyers. Initially she communicated with us long distance. She then set up a full day of showings during a brief trip to Santa Fe. One listing stood out that we fell in love with. Then she went to work and carefully crafted the most competitive offer in terms of price, deadlines and other terms. As this turned into a multiple offer situation, we never would nave gotten the house has it not been for Sabine's experience, doggedness, constant availability to us when necessary and general savvy-ness about the Santa Fe market. We can not speak highly enough of her professionalism and personable-ness and are so grateful we found her.
Art & Lisa Blum (Buyer)

-Ann and I just wanted to touch bases with you for a moment to let you know how much we appreciated your assistance in helping us sell our second Santa Fe home. The interest on the part of the prospective buyer (an attorney) came on the condition that no realtor would be involved. Right! Like that was ever going to happen. As it turns out, our insistence to involve you won out and looking back on it, it was the best decision we ever made. Maybe not quite the best. The best decision was going with you to help us sell our first home in Santa Fe only months earlier. I'm fairly confident that any relatively objective third party would too easily conclude "they're only saying all that good stuff because in the end both sales turned out successfully." On the surface that may sound like an obvious conclusion, but it is a conclusion absent of all the work and persistence you put into both projects, especially this second one. If anyone, I mean anyone, had just a modest background of how hard you worked to bring both of these sales to a positive result they would know why you are "The Bulldog" of realtors.
 I hope this doesn't sound too mushy, but when one is in the presence of greatness, it needs to be acknowledged. Well done.
Donald Haight (Igor) and Ann Monette (Sellers)

-Sabine was outstanding. Went above and beyond making the selling experience stress free! I would certainly call on Sabine for any future business.
Josh Kahawai (Seller)

-I am up in Alaska and Sabine dealt with the tenant very well and made sure all that needed to be done was done and tenant said she was very nice and helpful. With the time difference in our locations, I was impressed that I was always able to get hold of Sabine and she was very helpful with paperwork and any issues.
Nancy Schaeffer (Seller)

-Having Sabine as our Realtor for the sale of our house was, for us, the best Realtor/Client association we could have asked for. Sabine is very thorough and extremely knowledgeable with regard to all facets of a Real Estate contract. She kept our requirements on track and kept us informed at all times. She is punctual, organized and efficient all with a pleasant smile. It makes one feel our best interests are being well monitored.
Marie and Ernest Suazo (Sellers)

-I had to be in Phoenix, AZ, a long portion of time to take care of a dear friend of mine. I essentially turned everything over to Sabine from the remodeling to the closing. She assumed full responsibility and handled everything extremely well. I highly recommend Sabine.
Jon Hurd (Seller)

-Commonly known as "the Bull Dog", we were concerned at the start that she may be a bit abrasive. We quickly learned that the moniker referred to her total commitment to getting the job done. We had a bad experience in selling this home two years earlier with not a single offer in the 9 months of listing. The Bull Dog got us an asking price offer in one day of listing. More importantly, she totally engaged in making this offer work. On a personal/professional level scale of 1 to 100, we give her a rating of 100,000. Go Bull dog!!
Ann Monette & Donald Haight (Sellers)

-It would not have been possible to have a better agent than Sabine. She did an excellent job keeping everything moving as planned plus everything that she explained to us and planned happened exactly as stated. A truly rare thing in Santa Fe. We would highly recommend Sabine to anyone with a real estate in Santa Fe.
Debra & Ted Nussbickel (Sellers)

-Sabine is the best agent i have ever dealt with. She is an asset to your company. Her work ethic is impeccable. I would not have made it through the sale of my house without her. SHE IS A "GEM".
Deborah Lazovik (Seller)

-To say that Sabine is the best Broker I've ever dealt with is an understatement. Sabine did so much for us from telling us to look in Rancho Viejo, to going way over and above the call of duty. We've bought 2 properties in Santa Fe with Sabine's help, a rental unit 7 years ago and now our perfect retirement home. We can not be more grateful and impressed.
Barb and Dave Sawyer (Buyers)

-Sabine is sharp, industrious, super people friendly, shrewd and extremely professional. She listens to her clients and hears them. She expects qualify work by all those she associates with. We are very pleased with her. She isn't a 'robot'---a real people person. Professional and warm sums it up!
Denzel 'Dan' Weeks (Seller)

-Great Experience. Sabine was always available when ever we had questions. She was helpful in every way.
Tim and Linda Michael (Sellers)

-My daughter was purchasing her first home & her father and I do not live near her so we needed someone who would take care of her. Sabine met all the requirements we had for that request and then some. Not only did she find our daughter a great home in the area she wanted to live in that was in budget but she hand carried our daughter and us through the entire process. We all felt really good about the transaction and Sabine representing our interests fairly. By the end of the transaction, we felt like we had made a new friend. Sabine is knowledgeable, professional and really goes the extra mile. We would highly recommend her.
Cathy & Bruce Digby (Buyers)

-Sabine is very efficient in returning calls and emails. Very good at keeping us informed.
Dawn (Seller)

-I was extremely pleased to have Sabine Andraud as my realtors for the sale of my condo. She kept me informed on the important details. She is really professional and friendly. It was a great experience to work with Sabine. She is savvy and experienced. I would recommend her to everyone.
Carmen Anderson (Seller)

-I looked for a broker with an excellent reputation amongst friends and also looked or one connected with an agency that has a nationwide web presence. It was a pleasure to work with Sabine.
Patricia Kushlis (Seller)

-My husband and I recently completed a home sale and subsequent purchase with Sabine Andraud. I am writing you because we want say how impressed and pleased we were to have the opportunity to work with Sabine. She made the sale of our house so easy, which was great given I was working away from home during most of the process. During the purchase of our next home, we starting experiencing issues with the seller but I knew that at the end of day, I would trust to push through every obstacle and make every effort to swiftly make it happen. She is a rock star! We moved into our house and I must say we will miss Sabine's status updates and messages. She really took the edge off of a difficult process.
Wendy and Christopher Weatherford (Sellers and buyers)

-I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much Sabine helped me make a decision about whether or not to list my house in the current market. I explained that my goal was to move to Portland to be closer to my daughter and granddaughter. I requested that she give me an honest assessment of what my house might sell for, rather than inflate price that would feed my dreams. She came through for me even though, knowing my equity situation, that this would not result in a listing. As I told her, the clarity she provided me was an incredible gift, helping me move forward with my plans to move to Portland. When it does come time to sell, Sabine will be my realtor.
Larry Wang (Future Seller)

-Sabine is the best realtor I have ever worked with. She goes above and beyond.
Kathleen Momaday (Seller)

- Sabine guided us through the process of purchasing a home. She was a skilled in price negotiation and coordinating all the inspections that needed to take place. Her expertise and professionalism was critical in getting our real estate transaction completed. She was a pleasure to work with.
Denise Carter & Jeff Parker (Buyers)

- Sabine is an excellent agent- Listens, works hard anytime, no matter what time of day and she returns emails, phone calls etc...promptly and she assists with unfinished business after the sale. Coldwell Banker is certainly very fortunate to have Sabine as an agent.
Ramona Green (Seller)

-Sabine is the finest realtor we have ever encountered. She is efficient, completely available at all times and professional to a T. She has sold 3 homes for us and one land lot.
Michael Johnson & Kathleen Momaday (Sellers)

-Sabine is an extra ordinary agent. It was such a pleasure working with her. Not only is she very knowledgeable about the market but she's extremely resourceful. We literally had to wait 30 seconds to get and answer of any kind. I would sometimes text her at 2 AM and I would still get an immediate reply. We would joke so much about it. This agent does not sleep. We would never dream of using any one else. Sabine is simply the best?
Jessica Junyent & Rose Masterpole (Buyers)

-We love Sabine- She did a fantastic job.
Jessica & Dave Pfeifer (Sellers)

-Short & Sweet! We got the house we wanted! Sabine did a great job.
Bev & Kurt Defenbaugh (Buyers)

-Sabine went above and beyond in her excellent help, suggestions & opinion. She is one of a kind in her expertise.
Virginia Walters (Seller)

-Sabine was incredible throughout the whole process. This is my first home and she made the entire process easy to understand and kept me informed. She was professional & personable. I have recommended her to friends & will use her if I ever need to sell.
Alex Schaefer (Buyers)

-This is the second time we have worked with Sabine-She previously sold a house for us & this time helped us to purchase. We think we were 'challenging' clients as we are out of town & we kept changing our criteria. Through the whole process, Sabine did an outstanding job of representing both the seller & us since we were purchasing one of her listings. Her tenacity, understanding and sense of humor were key in getting us the perfect house. Sabine is everything a real estate professional should aspire to be.
Dave & Dee Lazovik (Buyers)

-Sabine was an amazing friend & she was professional. She always found the answers for us. We are very blessed to have her on our team to find our home in Santa Fe. My husband was so happy and he likes her sense of humor. Thank you Sabine for helping us always. You are the best!
Francesco & Nohelia Crisafulli (Buyers)

-Sabine Rocks!!!!!
Andy Hernandez (Seller)

-Sabine is just fantastic. She is the professional agent you are always looking for but never seem to find. She is fully acquainted with the Santa Fe market. The buying of a home has its frustrations but Sabine's can do attitude, expertise & experience made the process a lot easier for us. Sabine is a tireless worker & we always had the feeling that things were under control. Without her ability to resolve the various issues, I am not sure if the closing would have taken place. Even after closing and due to our delayed arrival to santa fe and without even asking her she volunteered to help us get some items taken care of prior to our arrival. In closing, Sabine was fantastic to work with, super organized, extremely knowledgeable & dedicated to her job. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a high quality real estate agent.
Henry & Ursula Taft (Buyers)

-Sabine was excellent.
Curt & Cheryl Frishcorn (Sellers)

-Sabine was wonderful to work with. She displayed an amazing work ethic. She was honest, hard working & displayed superior amount of dedication to her job. I have never worked with such a professional realtor. She always answered her phone regardless of time. And most of all she truly wants you to be happy when it is all said and done. Sabine is one of a kind in the Real Estate world. I will recommend Sabine and will use her in the future.
Maria Prentice (Buyer)

-Sabine is the BEST agent we have ever worked with. She is professional and knowledgeable. Most important to us is that she is persistent and followed up with every detail. Her communication was outstanding! We had a challenging sale and she stuck with us and provided the support, encouragement and honesty that we needed. We can not express our appreciation for her talent and dedication enough.
Jerelyn & Jeff Botkin (Sellers)

-Sabine is a hard-working and very professional Real Estate agent. She was a joy to work with and made the sale for me totally painless.
Bruce Blair (Seller)

-Sabine is Very Excellent.
Alan & Diane Kalman (Sellers)

-Sabine “Bulldog” did a great job in all respects. I would recommend her to everyone. A real go getter.
David & Dee Lazovik (Sellers)

-Sabine is very professional and knowledgeable. She is excellent at negotiating and dealing with buyers and sellers. I was very impressed with her ability to work with tenants and look out for their concerns. I look forward to working with Sabine again.
Roberta Symington (Seller)

-I learned about Sabine through a friend. I later heard about Coldwell Banker Trails West and Sabine’s work through my cousin and decided to use her as my realtor.
Pat Kushlis (Seller)

-Sabine is exceptionally knowledgeable about the local market. Made selling easy.
We used Sabine in the past as our buyers agent to purchase our house.
Brian Rossell (seller)

- Sabine did a splendid job from beginning to end. Very professional. Extremely prompt in responding to emails or voice mails. Always willing to go the extra step to make things go smoothly. Dedicated to the max. Everything was accomplished with efficiency and good humor. I would call on her again without hesitation.
Michael L. Johnson (seller)

-Sabine is a ROCKSTAR!! We love doing business with her. She leaves no questions unanswered and her attention to detail is remarkable. She earns every bit of her commission.
Melanie and Bo Freedle (Sellers)

-Sabine is the best! Because of her prompt answers and pleasant service we purchase our home. 
Tanda Moya (Buyer)

-I am grateful for the opportunity to say what a great job Sabine did for us. We were very lucky to find a complete stranger that was willing to go the extra, extra mile for us. Sabine was professional, thorough, knowledgeable and always available. Sabine took the time to explain every step that the process took. Sabine made the entire experience memorable. Thanks is not enough. Give her a raise.
Joe and Veronica Christopherson (Buyers)

-Sabine was an obsolute joy to work with. She made us feel well informed and always had our best interest. She is very knowledgable and made selling my house super easy. I would highly recommend her to anyone. 
Paulette Baca (Seller)

-This is perhaps our 12 th or 13th house sale. Sabine is the best realtor we have worked with. With her help, we price our house correctly, presented it optimally and got all inspections, reinspections etc...done. Sabine is constant, excellent communication with us and buyers agent made the deal easy. There was no way this sale was not going to happen with Sabine. 
Nick and Karen Francolini (Sellers)

-Sabine went above &  and did things she was not required or expected to do! She will remain among our dear friends after all is done. She represents her company well. She was available at all time-day or night.
Christine & Vic Carey (Sellers)
- I can't say enough good things about Sabine. She sincerely fought for us and looked out for us. She is also an extremely hard worker & really great communicator. I am absolutely going to refer her to everyone I know.
Jeff & Melissa Beidermann (Buyers)
-Sabine is a good communicator and was very responsive and pleasant to work with. She lives up to her nick name. 
Jack & Roxanne Davis (Sellers)
-Sabine is a gem! She is smart, efficient and quick to catch any potential problems. She works so hard for her clients and takes her work seriously. Sabine is an extremely ethical Realtor and I appreciated her honesty and integrity. Most of all, I enjoyed her warmth, her humor and her ease at relating to others. I believe that her finest quality is how much she cares about her clients. She is always ready to go the extra mile. 
Evelyn Becker (Buyer)
-Our experience in the sale of our home went way over our expectation. Sabine was by far the best agent that we have worked with. We have used several other agents over the past 20 yrs and Sabine exceeded our expectations. She was respectful of our wants and worked with us in every little detail in the sale of our home. We will definitely refer Sabine to others. 
Kathy & Ike Pino (Sellers)

-Sabine is simply the best realtor I have ever worked with & we have bought and sold over a dozen properties. Her communication, knowledge, dedication to service and personality makes me sure she's the best there is. 
Ron and Barb Finelli (sellers)
-I would like to say the how much Sabine went above and beyond with the purchase of our home. She always was there to answer every question we had. She always knew how to make us feel comfortable and was responsive to our needs.  She never ever dropped the ball. I highly recommend her to anybody that is in need of a VERY GOOD REALTOR. She is the best.
 Sisto & Julie Gonzales (buyers)
-Sabine is a very knowledgable, professional realtor and has delightful personality. It was a pleasure having her for our agent and we will recommend  her to others and use her again.
 Nerissa & Richard Long (buyers)
-Sabine was just plain awesome. She helped us find the perfect home in less than a week. She stuck with us through the entire closing process and was very aggressive about ensuring everything was taken care of. She still stays in touch with us and helps us with any real estate and home owner questions we have. We really love Sabine. 
Richard and Stacy Verhaagen (Buyers)

- Sabine was wonderful to work with. Since I live in Wisconsin, Sabine did many extra services for me in Santa Fe. She accepted my business from a phone call and treated me professionally and with great service from the start.  I would definately choose Sabine to work  on any future real estate in Santa Fe.  
Karen Sieverkropp (Buyer)    

- I met Sabine a few years ago when looking for a realtor to sell a home I unsuccessfully listed with somebody else for 6 months. Our new realtor aggressively worked on our behalf and we had an offer on the house within 60 days of Sabine listing it. Sabine listed another property for us and got it under contract within 30 days. We then purchased a plot of land with her and just recently acquired a property in Eldorado. Each deal had its own set of challenges for whch we appreciated Sabine's know how and determination. Each time, Sabine was relentless in getting the contract going and the deal done. We were presented with some challenges but none kept Sabine from performing her duties and getting things done, plesantly and professionally. I would recommend Sabine in a heartbeat to any prospective buyer or seller. She is professional, very easy to work with and knows her job well.    
Herve Goujon (Seller and Buyer)

- Sabine went above and beyond to meet all of our needs. She is by far the best agent we have ever worked with.   Scott and Lisa Fuller (Buyers)  

- I would recommend Sabine to anyone in need of a real estate agent. She was excellent in every way. Lawrence and Canda Hernandez (Sellers)

-It was a pleasure working with Sabine. I have been in the Real Estate business for over 30 years and all I can say is that an agent like Sabine is hard to come by. She guided and helped me through every step of the way in the transaction. Sabine is an exceptional Broker. She is kind, smart, considerate and very out going. Coldwell Banker is fortunate to have Sabine. 
Dennis Garcia (Buyer)
-Sabine did a good job between buyer and seller and did a real good job overall. Joe & Betty Wagner (Sellers)
-Sabine started out optimistic about selling our home and never gave up. Sabine has a great personality one that is flexible enough to accomodate the highs & lows of the home sellers questions, suggestions and attitudes during the tough time of selling their home. We know we gave Sabine a challenge but she stuck with us and came through as the "bulldog" trooper she is. We would recommend her to all of our friends and find her if we ever need an agent in Santa Fe. 
Gary & Marge Tomada (Sellers)
-We can not express in words how amazing it was to work with Sabine. We have bought and sold many properties & never have we come across somebody like her. From the initial contact through closing Sabine remained to helping us acquire the property. The journey was long. It tool almost 5 months. The number of hoops and obstacles were exhausting to us to purchase a foreclosed property but for Sabine it was a challenge. She approached each & every challenge with determination, honesty & devotion. Again, never have we experienced such integrity in the Real Estate world. We brag about Sabine to everyone we know. We are thrilled to know her, not only professionally, but feel we have developped a friendship with her that will last. She is TOP NOTCH. Coldwell Banker is lucky to have her on their team. We love Sabine!! 
Melanie & Bo Freedle (Buyers)
-Outstanding!!!! from start to finish. I truly do not know how i would have made it through (from start to finish) if Sabine had not been there. Professional, knowledgeable, understanding, honest, intuitive, fun, understanding and detailed! I could go on & on. She worked hard for me negotiating with seller and other realtor, interpreting and getting repair information. She was on top of everything. When i started to fade, Sabine kept "her cool". She would remind me of the positiveness and "jack" my spirits right back up. To me Sabine was a perfect fit. I have a lot of admiration for her. 
Barb Nail (Buyer)
-I bought my first home with Sabine in late 2009. The transaction went smoothly & I was really amazed by how hard working & on top of things Sabine was. When it came time to buy another home in 2010, I didn't even think of looking for another Realtor. Sabine was the natural choice. Once again, Sabine earned her commission & more. The thing that impresses me the most about Sabine is how responsive she is. When I have a question or concern, she available by phone or email whether it's 9am or 9pm. She's always a couple of steps ahead, reminding you of deadlines so that the future stages of the sale goes more smoothly. She goes above & beyond the call of duty to make sure things go the way they should. 
Paul and Corinne Obrecht

-I don't even know where to start on thanking Sabine for her expertise & knowledge in this real estate transaction.Some Real Estate agents were not meeting our needs so I started searching the internet for a new agent with strong referrals & recommendations. After an arduous search, I came across Sabine's website & the nickname "Bulldog". I knew she was going to be an aggressive agent, but I had no clue how good she really was until I emailed her and she replied only moments later. Anytime I called Sabine, she would answer her phone. In October of 2010, we came to Santa Fe & starting looking at homes and mind you, it this was no small list. We finally found our piece of heaven in Santa Fe & after several offers, we came to an agreeable price, due to Sabine's persistence & expertise in Real Estate. This was not a drawn out process. Sabine handled this transaction like a champion. Because of Sabines' assertive observations at the inspection, we were able to re-negotiate the price and get an even lower price for the home. We closed in January of 2011. As I stated earlier, I don't even know how to thank Sabine for her professionalism and now friendship. People like Sabine are few and far between. She strives for "Excellence" in all that she does and accomplishes. "We are what we repeatedly do....Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle. 
Julie Hauck -Darrell Barrett  (Buyers)
-Sabine is an outstanding agent that has many positive and desirable qualities such as: Diligence, timelessness, knowledgeable, dedication and personal touch. We are pleased to have met her and will highly recommend her. We feel you are very fortunate to include her in you office. Please let her know how much we appreciate and value her as a professional and as a person. 
Ana and Jim Navarro (Buyers)
-Sabine was vey thorough, professional and dedicated even in the face of some significant logistical & executional obstacles. I don't think she could have done any better on this transaction. Working with Sabine was a pleasure. 
Alexandra Pratt (Seller)
-Sabine is a consummate professional and assisted when I was out of town and overcame obstacles with opposing brokers, clients and vendors. She provided excellent service and advice through the transaction. 
Alexandra Pratt (Buyer)
-She was awesome! Sabine was always there with answers, advice, hand holding, etc... Negotiations were prolonged as we live in Denver. Sabine ended up spending a lot of time overseeing the process. It was deeply appreciated! We hope to buy our own home in SF and will certainly work with Sabine to be our broker. 
Barb and Dave Sawyer (Buyers)

-We met Sabine 3 years ago at an open house. She kept in touch with us via mailings so we thought of her when we decided to sell and buy a house. We were/are extremely satisfied with Sabine and have recommended her to several friends. 
Todd and Marina Glatz (Sellers and Buyers)
-We were very pleased with Sabine as our Realtor and would recomment her to our friends. 
Jen and Marko
-Sabine worked very hard to sell our house. She went above and beyond to get the well and septic problems worked out. I am very thankful and grateful to her. Sabine was excellent.
Andre Larranaga (Seller)
-Sabine is "very excellent" with attention to detail, with assisting in negotiations, with suggestions in making my home more saleable and she's a 10 out of 10.
Harrison Schaffer (Seller)
-I was a repeat client of Sabine's. I was very satisfied with the first transaction and I would have to say that I looked forward to working with her again. I was not disappointed! Sabine is a savy, sincere and pleasantly attentive to details agent. We thank you for your sunny and 'get it done' attitude in helping secure a little piece of "Enchanted" NM real estate.
Donna Ford & Alita Baker (Buyers)
-We cannot thank Sabine enough for the care & attention she provided in our search for our Santa Fe home. When we made our trip to New Mexico in January for our first meeting with Sabine, we found our house on the 2nd day there. She was "with" us through all negotiations. She has consistently worked above & beyond what one would expect from an agent.  Sabine's quick response to questions, daily communications, market knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile were invaluable in helping us make the right decision. We had fun "exploring" the homes & neighborhoods with her! We look forward to a long friendship with her and we will recommend your services to anyone we know looking in Santa Fe plus she's fun, upbeat and delightful to know!
Bea Kingsbury and Enrique Martinez-Vidal (Buyers)
-Sabine provided support above and beyond what one usually gets from an agent. Due to the difficulty receiving email, Sabine helped by assisting with the transfer of documents from the mortgage co. She even helped me transport my 2 cars to my new house. At this point I consider Sabine a friend as much as an agent.
Hugh McGovern (Buyer)
-I can't rave enough about Sabine. This was our first home purchase and Sabine walked us through every step of the way and walked us through every step of the way. She has been the hardest working per we know. We got the feeling that we were the only most important clients. I have a lot of loyalty to Sabine. Sabine is amazing.
Paul & Corinne Obrecht (Buyers)
-Sabine was very organized and informative regarding the market and selling prices. She gained information about potential buyer that allowed me to propose enhancements to offer and we worked together in partnership to finalize the sale.
JoAnne Morris (Seller)
-Thanks for all you diligence, good will, expertise and always being so upbeat when I needed it. I learned so much from you. Looking forward to meeting you one day.
Bonnie Burelson (Seller)
-Sabine provided the following: Exceptional service, very detailed, we never had to call on the status, she always called us, from the beginning Sabine hustled to sell our condo as if she was selling a million dollar home, she has no ego, she's down to earth, honest and extremely helpful. We have sold many properties in our lifetime with good and bad agent but never as excellent as Sabine.
Sellers (Margaret Domico & Kay McGovern)
-Sabine was exactly the professional I was hoping to work with. Sabine was very knowledgeable about the local market, engaged in making my desires concrete and very practical and detail oriented. She clearly heard and responded to me as I thought through the whole process.
Buyer (Larry Pyers)
-Sabine did an excellent job working with us to purchase our home.
Buyers (Alan Wardlow and Lois Owens)
-Sabine is totally knowledgeable, thorough and efficient. We have enjoyed working with her and consider her a top agent. We would and have recommended Sabine to quite a few people. We love her SPIRIT!
Sellers (Julie and Lynn Meyer)
-Sabine was very helpful and professional in all of our dealings concerning this transaction.
Milton Williams (Buyer)
-Sabine was excellent. I am in the Real Estate business and she was a fantastic agent. I will recommend her to everyone in need of Real Estate services.
April Hugh (Seller)
-I purchased a bank owned property and Sabine fought for me every step of the way. She's excellent, professional and helpful in all aspects of buying property.
Mario Sorge (Buyer)
-It is with the deepest gratitude and respect that I write this letter. I cannot express enough appreciation and praise for Sabine. This letter does not even begin to explain the unending hurdles she jumped to get my property sold, and all without a single complaint. My situation presented a challenge most Realtors would have run from. Sabine acted as a confidant and sounding board during numerous difficult situations. Thank you Sabine.
Robin Solari (Seller)
-Sabine is great!
P. Elliott (Seller)
-We love Sabine!
David & Maricela Landavazo (Seller)
-Sabine is nothing if not thorough. She took all of our questions & concerns & handled them quickly. We will use her again. She is wonderful!
Kimberly Riebsomer (Buyer)
-Sabine gave excellent service and she was very caring to my needs.
Yolanda Garcia (Seller)
-Sabine is extremely conscientious and was immensely helpful.  I would not hesitate to recommend her services and she continued to go out of her way for us. Her knowledge of the market and her enthusiasm were invaluable to us.
She is an outstanding agent.
Ruth & Irving Bigio (Buyer)
-Sabine is an extremely competent, efficient, professional Realtor and a wonderful person as well. She made my 1st home buying experience a very smooth one. She took care of everything. If I hear of anyone looking to buy or sell a home, I will no doubt jump at the chance to recommend Sabine.
April Munoz (Buyer)
-Sabine was very helpful with the purchase of our new home. Being 1st time home buyers, we had a lot of questions, and she always had the answers.
Mike & Maida Lopez (Buyers)
-I have used Sabine as my agent for several purchases now. Would it be possible to clone Sabine? Actually I'd rather keep her for myself. Sabine Andraud has been a phenomenal agent and I have used her services exclusively. She has continued to show integrity, diligence and professionalism. I have never witnessed such tremendous service in my life.
Kate Bodenstein (Buyer)
-Professional. Patient. Informed. Always a step ahead. Available. Goes the extra mile.
P. Thomas (Buyer)
-From beginning to end once my offer was accepted, every detail was handled by Sabine, with such tenacity, total capability and the bottom line intention of making sure I was going to be ok and secure in my new home.
Wendy Silberman (Buyer)
-Good, no non-sense attitude. Business like. We were surprised on how fast our 2 homes sold. Professional and fun.
Sutapa Chattergee and Herve Goujon (Sellers)
-I used Sabine to sell my first house. My agent is always attentive to my needs, follows up and never drops the ball.
Yolanda Garcia (Seller)
-Sabine is amazing. She is smart, knowledgeable, experienced, fun, dedicated, reliable, creative, responsive and a total "Bull dog". She is fearless. She showed me only what I asked for, always called back and totally followed through. Sabine was professional and did not get intimidated even in tough situations.
Corinne Tippett (Buyer)
-Sabine is great! She is a real go getter and not pushy.
Ivonne Leyva (Buyer)
-Sabine was prompt, responsive, insightful and courteous in the sale of my previous residence and the purchase of my new residence.
Mike Flores (Seller & Buyer)
-Sabine is a Rock star! Very patient, understanding and always was on my side during the transaction. I will use her services again when needed any day.
Shannell Montoya (Buyer)
-Sabine was a pleasure to work with. She found us the perfect property and then worked hard on the details. We would gladly recommend her her to any of our friends.
Gene & Debra Doyle (Buyer)
-Sabine really went out of her way to make things happen. She went full speed ahead and sold our home in a shorter time than expected. She went above and beyond the selling process.
Carmen & Jose Venzor (Seller)
-I think it was the 1st time I ever signed my real name and phone # to an open house visitor list but there was something this tiny rookie of a Realtor that I liked. My husband Alan and I took an instant liking to this Realtor. With her unrelenting tenacity pursuit of our needs, she succeeded in finding us the perfect house. Her skills at negotiating are unsurpassed. Her professionalism, sense of humor and her ability to deal with Alan's endless question has made her the best Realtor we have ever dealt with.
Alan & Diane Kalman (Buyers)
Sabine Andraud has been the first agent is 15 yrs of dealings in New Mexico which gave me the impression that my needs were also important not only the Realtors.
Heide Lutz (Seller)
-Sabine is a fabulous Realtor. I feel so lucky to have found her. She went above and beyond the call of duty in every way. She was available by phone at all hours of the nights, 7 days a week. She advised me on issues that came up even after the closing. She is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious.
Stephanie Rosen (Buyer)
-I have worked with Sabine through 2 transactions and I could not have purchased or sold with out her guidance and service which she extends beyond expectation. As an agent, she is wonderful and as a friend, she is the best.
Susan Lack (Buyer & Seller)
-Sabine was a complete professional and diplomat 100%. Thank you for your excellent service in the fast sale of my mothers residence in Santa Fe. Her frankness and honesty resulted in a quick sale of the home.
Carmel Robinson (Seller)
-Follow up and follow thru are 2 of Sabine's strong points. If she offered to do something, it got done. She is also an excellent communicator. I would definitely refer friends and neighbors to Sabine.
Gustavo & Katherine Seluja (Sellers)
-Sabine led us through every step of the process. She was an enormous help in negotiating and closing the sale. We certainly couldn't have done it without her. Three cheers for Sabine!
Gaye & Allen Moody (Buyers)
-Sabine was very patient working with us, and after a few home visits, she quickly picked up on exactly what we were looking for. It was Sabine's search on MLS that finally found us our dream home. She went above and beyond the call of duty in the negotiations with Seller, and she landed us a great deal on a brand new house. We would highly recommend the services of Sabine to any of our friends.
Tim and Darlene Goering (Buyers)